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DogsOnHoliday France

Holiday paradise for dogs!

About us

Anda is a nurse; she has worked for many years in the Netherlands. Hans is a jack of all trades, a technician, and he also done studies economics and marketing. His biggest hobby in the Netherlands was working with dogs as an instructor.

In 2008 we settled down in the Combrailles; a beautiful holiday region in the making. We would like to introduce you to our region through our home book, we inform you extensively about hiking, cycling and car trips.

In the Netherlands, Hans organized already active dog walks, that's why we have chosen to focus our holiday lodgement special for dog lovers. In season we have the Weekly Activities with all kinds of fun activities that you may participate: jam making, dog walks, dog playtime, jeu de boules competition, etc. We trust that you and your dog (s) experiencing a very enjoyable holiday; We will do everything to give you the ultimate dog holiday experience.